6 Ways to Create a Calm, Captivating Home

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As biz owners, Pete and I have always spent A LOT of time working from home. 

Initially, I felt quite squirrelly spending so much time in the same place, but over the years, I’ve found that creating an inviting and nourishing space has helped with my own mental health and happiness immensely. HOME is now my favourite place to be. 

So I figured I’d throw together some easy tips to tend to yourself and your home, helping you create a space that feels good and vibrant. 

1. The Little Things Are Actually The Big Things. 

I will say this again and again, forever and ever. It’s not about having a brand new kitchen or massive amounts of space to design and decorate. It's the small, daily acts that bring us joy. Lighting the candles in the morning, getting up a little bit earlier to actually ENJOY your coffee. Putting on your favourite playlist, pulling out the cloth napkins for meals together. Setting the screens down to cozy up with a good book. Snuggling our sweethearts under a favourite blanket. These small intentional moments, when done consistently and strung together, help to create a life you love. 

2. Declutter. 

Piles and piles of stuff you don’t need, love or use is a MASSIVE energy drain. It feels heavy and stagnant and sticky and stuck. So start slowly, room by room. Pour yourself a drink, blast some tunes and Marie Kondo that shit. 

3. Bring Nature In.

Cut the flowers and collect the pinecones. Gather the fallen leaves, bring home that beautiful piece of bark you found in the woods. And when in doubt, just add a house plant! 

Bringing nature indoors is great for our home's air quality, for our mental wellbeing and it all just looks absolutely gorgeous too. 

4. Less Is More. 

Longer lasting, sustainable pieces. Repurposed, reused and well loved. Moving away from the wasteful idea that we need MORE to be happier. Bringing in less ‘stuff’ and only investing in pieces that you truly love. Pieces that you want to use, day after day, indoors and outdoors, over and over and over again. 

5. Set The Room.

The rule around our house is ‘leave the room just like you found it’. So after a quick tidy in the morning, everyone has to leave every room in the same condition they found it. It’s just this simple, quick, mindful act that helps SO MUCH. Toys are put away as soon as they’re done being played with, chairs are pushed in, cushions are properly placed and dishes are cleaned or put in the dishwasher. Kinda sounds type A, but slowly, it starts to become second nature and truly, the WHOLE family appreciates it. 

6. Gratitude.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be your dream home or dream location. What we focus on EXPANDS, so take time everyday to just appreciate all that you have. Warmth. Food. A place to lay your head. The big moments and the quiet ones too. Such a simple act, but appreciation begets MORE appreciation, helping you create and celebrate a warm, thoughtful and nourishing home. 


Shan + Pete

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