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The world around us asks for so much. The pace at which we’re expected to participate, to preform and to produce continues to accelerate. 

The deadlines and the to-do lists all focus our attention on tomorrow, often at the cost of today. 

But the time will pass regardless - and it’s what we notice, what we’re present to - that matters most. 

In Search of Slow is our invitation to appreciate what’s present, to savour those fleeting, seemingly ordinary experiences that when strung together, create the richness, the foundation, and the very fabric of our lives.

And we are soooooo freaking excited to welcome Jess from Wildcraft Studio into this space. Serious fangirl vibes happening over here, folks.

Jess is a multi-talented designer and photographer. She's a creative dedicated to showcasing the holistic, the herbal and the natural in bespoke and deeply beautiful branding and visual imagery.

For real, this woman is inspiring and unique and so damn cool...

We think a home says a lot about the people who live there, so first off, how would you describe your home?

Our home is our sanctuary. It is a place for us to be in the quiet. A comforting quiet. This house is a cape cod style built in 1914 and we knew when we purchased it that we were signing up to give it the love and attention it deserved. So at the end of 2020, we did just that and made the big move out of our house to do renovations. Being away from here solidified our love for our own space, our own style and the home we created together. It’s a little old, a little quirky. We can never pick just one style completely that encompasses us. Scandinavian meets cozy cottage meets old French country house and yet we have banana leaf wallpaper in our bathrooms! Just as we are multi-dimensional people so is our house, but it reflects who we are so perfectly.

What’s a favourite piece in your home? Can you tell us why?

One of my favorite pieces in our home is probably our clawfoot bathtub. It was a huge selling point when we saw this house for the first time and remains one of our favorite things. In the hustle and bustle of life I remember I can hop in the tub with some herbs, a glass of wine and light some candles to just take a damn break. 

My favorite place in our home is our kitchen and sunroom. Sure I have a tiny office upstairs in our craftsman tiny attic space but why work there when the light shines through old window panes and I can heat up the kettle swiftly whenever I want? Our windows look out into our small garden and I can watch the birds chirp and the magnolias bloom. I spend most of my time here, between cooking and working and so I’m fond of the way it changes in the light and when its dark an asks me to put down work for the day and rest.

How does your work (as a maker or artist) influence your home?

As a product photographer, there is a very blurred line between home decor and props. I have many beautiful pieces for the home that I also use for my work. My clients and I have similar philosophies. One being beauty. We love to find the things that bring us beauty in a world that can some times be a bit harsh. How can we curate beauty from these pieces? How do they make us feel? In my life I always want to be in a place that makes me truly feel something, that makes me feel connected. 

I created my home to feel handcrafted, lived in and intentional with hints of the old character peeking through.

How has the pandemic influenced the way you experience your home?

The concept of home has changed so much since covid. In my personal life I have gone from being away from the house all week to really living in my space daily. Covid allowed me time to be home and launch my business full-time and now I’m solely working for myself. My home is my office AND my place of rest, which can be hard at times. It’s remembering that just because I CAN work doesn’t mean I should. I should revel in my mornings, drink coffee outside. Take my dog on walks whenever I want. These are things I dreamed of and now I actually have but it can still be hard to appreciate. We get stuck in motion, in “hard work” and forget to slow down a bit and enjoy the little things. Like right now, the bright light and shadows dancing in my kitchen and my cat lounging in the sun. All things I get to witness now being at home full time.

How do you find ways to bring the outdoors in? What does this do for you?

I’m a big fan of wood tones and neutrals with pops of green. We’re slowly turning every room in our house a different shade of green actually, by accident. Oops! Soft wood tones and fresh green plants really make our space feel calm and mirror the nature outside of our house. We also were gifted with giant old windows that we keep wide open to take in all the trees and light outside. Even having bird feeders right outside the window allows bits of nature as I work, taking note of new species and little chirps. But probably my favorite activity is getting fresh flowers every week. On Saturday’s we have a local market down the road that I can walk to and inevitably bring bundles of flowers to keep throughout our house. Plus, it gives me an excuse to take photos!

See, I told ya. Inspiring as all hell. 

You can find Jess and all of her incredible work at The Wildcraft Studio



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