Later, 2020.

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Wow, what a year.

Chances are 2020 has been just as tumultuous and challenging for you as it has been for us. We started off with the intention of actively growing Anupaya, cleaning up more garbage than ever before and expanding Anupaya Adventure to offer an even wider range of off-the-beaten-path nature centred travel excursions.

As it so often goes however, the universe had different plans in store. For all of us.

On our side, there have been some really sobering and frankly scary moments this year - shutdowns, slow downs, supply chain shortfalls, delays, more delays, cancelled trips, cancelled events, cancelled everything - but whenever we’ve encountered a dark turn as a brand, our amazing community has showed up to support us in big ways. And for that - for all of you - we are so incredibly grateful.

And all in all, it’s still been a year of growth and expansion for Anupaya. 2020 did see our fledgling little brand launch a host of new designs and products - candles, pillows, scarves and ponchos -  along with many more gorgeous goodies for your home.  And for us, knowing that a little piece of Anupaya is there with each of you, warming your homes and brightening your hearts, brings us deep, deep joy and satisfaction and makes it all worth while!

As we close out this chaotic year of change and uncertainty, we at Anupaya are choosing to remember that while most of our plans have been disrupted and many of the goals we set have shifted, such is life on the Pathless Path. It’s always been wild and messy. It’s always been uncertain and slightly scary. There have always been downs alongside the ups. And still, there have also always been - each step of the way - new and unforeseen possibilities emerging. 

So, it is with hearts full of gratitude and minds full of possibility, that we say goodbye to last year and say hello to a new leg of the journey along this wild and windy pathless path.

We’re so glad we’re all walking this thing together.

Our hearts have never stretched so far.


Shan + Pete

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