Valentine's Day Outside

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Ahhhhh, Valentine's Day is well on its way and while you might be rushing to get your sweetheart something special (we've got some pretty beautiful blankets that might be kinda perfect...), we thought we'd share our FAVOURITE way to celebrate this day of LOVE!!!


For real. Winter Picnics and Bonfires are THE BEST.

There is simply nothing better than laying out a beautiful blanket (again, we can help!), sitting around a crackling campfire, telling stories, staying toasty with some hot cocoa and just spending time in the Great Outdoors with the people we love most!

Surprise your sweetie (and that's besties and parents and platonic pals too!) with a seriously delectable spread and just ENJOY each others company.

Here are some tips to make the day as enjoyable as possible:

1. Location. Where you going? Is there parking? Do you need snowshoes to get in? 

2. Fire. If the conditions are right, pack wood, kindling, and something to get the blaze going. Pulling a sled with all your gear is SUPER helpful.

3. Use cloth napkins, metal utensils and reusable mugs to go as Waste Free as possible! 

4. Dress Appropriately. The WORST thing (and what will totally kill the party) is being cold and uncomfortable. Remember, there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad planning. So pack alllllll the mitts, socks, beanies and blankets. Depending on your climate, get those damned snow pants on. Cannot stress this point enough. Keeping Warm = More Fun!

5. Food. Pack a big ole thermos of soup, some crusty bread and sliced cheese. Maybe some veggie dogs and marshmallows to roast too. Bring some fruit, muffins or homemade cookies for a delicious and simple dessert!

6. Draaaaaaanks. Don't forget to pack all the warm beverages! Mulled wine, hot cocoa, chai, coffee or hot apple cider keep you warm and make the day so, so sweet.

7. Have Fun! Being outside in extreme temperatures is the most fun when you bring a good attitude, don't sweat the small stuff, have an open mind and get stoked about trying new experiences!!!!

Enjoy!! Breathe that gorgeous fresh air and show your darlings how much you care with a thoughtful day in the woods!!

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