Woah. Bees are AMAZING.

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 A few years ago, Pete took a beekeeping course and has been pretty much low-key obsessed with all things bees since then. While we still don’t have our own hives (one day!!!!), we have fallen madly in love with these fuzzbutts and all they do for our planet.  

Did you knooowwwww….

Bees are the worlds most important pollinators, working their buns off to pollinate 1/3 of our food crops and 80% of our flowering plants worldwide. The mind truly boggles. 

Bees consume honey to produce beeswax and it takes 8.5lbs of honey to produce 1lb of wax.

Honey bees communicate with each other by dancing to alert other bees where nectar and pollen are located. So darn cute. 

Almost 2 million flowers are needed for honey bees to make 1lb of honey and on average, a hive will produce 65lbs of honey a year.

Beeswax candles release negative ions, which help purify and clear the air!

It's hypoallergenic! Good for sensitive skin and sinuses!

Colonies of honey bees are declining at an annual and terrifying rate of 30% because of Colony Collapse Disorder. Some of the major reasons for this decline is the loss of crop diversity and increased uses of pesticides worldwide. 

So, yeah. Save the bees. Cause we need 'em. 

Support beekeepers, use beeswax products in your home and in your kitchen, stay away from pesticides, plant a pollinator garden, buy local and organic when you can and make sure to thank those little badasses when you see them flying by. 

Bee Products We Know and Love:

Our Tapers and Pillars. Smooth, sleek and so damn purdy. 

BeeSavvy. OMG their honey, lotion bars, lip balm. Pretty much everything they’re got. 

Mind Your Bees. Really gorgeous food wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap.

Beekeepers Naturals. Throat Relief, Bee Pollen and Superfood Honey. OMG.

GeesBees. Their honeycomb!!!! Wow. So, soooo good. Drizzle on crackers and DEVOUR. Like, immediately. 

Paradisio Bees. Their creamed and chocolate salted caramel honey. Duuuuuude.

All of these are really wonderful companies, offering such thoughtful and impactful products. Such great holiday gifts too!!! #goodsforgood

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