Wild Within Journal

Wild Within Journal

5 Things to Take Hiking

Posted by Shannon MacLaggan on

There is nothing quite like getting outside into nature to bring us back home to ourselves.

We put away the timetable and the agenda. The deadlines, the meetings and the expectations.

And we just simply, fully, show up.

We begin to slow down our breath, taking in that gorgeous fresh air and almost instantly our entire central nervous system starts to slow down too.

Our shoulders relax, the corners of our mouths turn up and we soften, and settle and somehow remember that we aren’t separate from Nature. We ARE Nature. We are a part of this beautiful planet. And every cell and fiber and tissue that makes us whole, remembers that the simplest act of getting into the depths of the woods or the waterways allows us to thrive and heal and expand when we make the time to get outside and fully be there.

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Nature's Rhythm

Posted by Anupaya Admin on

There is a rhythm in nature. 
A beautiful, barely perceptible orchestra plays the soundtrack of life itself. 
It can be heard, but more so felt when we allow ourselves to become the audience.  When we place ourselves in the right seat and become still enough.
There are certain sounds that stir the light in us all. Crickets at night for some, a crackling fire for others. Perhaps the powerful rushing of waterfalls or the delicate trickle of rain. 
There is a pace to nature. 
It is different from the pace we hold in daily life.  Its slower, more methodical.  Like our breath when we allow ourselves a moment of slowness.
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Look Up.

Posted by Anupaya Admin on

We live in an instant world, folks.

Text messages allow others to contact us at any given moment, our phones light up when our attention is needed for an email, a ‘like’ or when a DM rolls in, and we are almost always expected to document our lives as they unfold under the premise ‘pics or it didn’t happen’.

In an age where we feel lost without our smart phones, when we are so deeply addicted to technology, it’s more crucial than ever to disconnect, slow down and take the time to genuinely LOOK UP!


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