B Corp

Anupaya is proud to be working towards B Corp Certification with Leverage Lab, joining a growing number of conscious and heart centred companies committed to making a real difference in the world by holding ourselves to higher ethic standards.

B Corporations voluntarily meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, accountability and sustainability, creating a language for change and using business as a powerful force for good. 

The ‘B’ stands for Benefit – that the company prioritises the benefit to all stakeholders including its workers, as well as the community, and the environment.

B Corp is a globally recognised certification and accreditation, similar in concept to Fair Trade or LEAD certification. Achieving B Corp status is a detailed affair, involving a comprehensive and rigorous assessment process, including interviews with the key people behind the brand and a critique of our business across every stage of our operations.

Companies who achieve B Corp status have legally committed to a new standard of business: a triple bottom line, in which we must maximise benefits to the environment and society as well as our stakeholders from our employees to our suppliers. This commitment is now set out in our altered Articles of Association; a legally binding commitment that drives all our decisions.

Why Seek Out B Corp Brands?
We know that it can be difficult to determine which companies are more than just fancy marketing. By seeking out brands who are certified B Corps, you can be sure that you are buying from brands who are doing more.

As a consumer, where you choose to spend your money sends a message. You money is your vote for the world you want to live in. We are proud that our customers make positive choices about where and what to purchase. We love that you ask us the difficult questions and hold us accountable, pushing us for more, not just in product and innovation but to do better in all we do, every single day.