Download the Anupaya Manifesto

Download the Anupaya Manifesto

The Pathless Path has SUCH a meaningful place in our lives and resonates so deeply within us that we created this Manifesto in case it lands in your hearts too. Join our newsletter and your first email will include a link to download!

The first question we get about our biz is “How do you pronounce Anupaya?"

Ann - Ooo - Pie - Ahhh. (Like, papaya.)

Fortunately, folks are also curious about the meaning behind the name. In short, it’s a Sanskrit word that means ‘The Pathless Path’.  It means that our lives aren’t perfect or narrowly defined by anyone else's metrics. They are complex and challenging and gorgeous. 

And when we embrace this truth, when we harness the uncertainty, uniqueness and authenticity in our lives, when we allow ourselves to stumble and make mistakes, when we sit in the knowing - and the not knowing - of who we truly are, and choose, every damn time, to honour our journey and celebrate it, instead of critique it...

Well, life opens up.

Peace. Presence. Possibility.

This Manifesto is just a simple reminder. It’s your life. Your path.  Let it be wild and messy and brilliant and enough.