We're Shan and Pete. Owners of Anupaya.

So, how did this all begin?

Well, with a whole lot of gumption and a whole lot of grit. Straight and tidy little pathways have never been our thing. Square pegs in a sea of round holes. When it comes to business - and life - that's how it's always felt for us. Doing what was expected, when it was expected, felt really narrow and claustrophobic and never really suited us anyways.

It's taken awhile to get here.

We've stumbled along the way. Fallen flat on our faces. Skinned knees, twisted ankles, broken bones, and gotten back up. Brushed ourselves off. Healed what needed healing, suffered what needed suffering and jumped right back in. All in.

Forging our own path. A pathless path.

So, what about business... 

We wanted to create a company with a higher purpose.

Unconventional, transparent and generous. Celebrating and protecting the wild spaces we love so much.

Because business has the power to create positive change in the world and because we want to be a part of something that doesn't only chase the bottom(less) line, but values community building, environmental stewardship and honours these wide open spaces, too. 

And so, Anupaya was born. 

We aim to use authentic and courageous storytelling, conscious consumerism, community engagement and damn fine goods as a powerful way to use business as a force for change.

We're as bootstrapped as they come. Sold our business, sold our dream house, moved into a damn basement and jumped in. 

We're grateful to have since moved out of said basement and we've got BIG plans for this baby. 

Stewardship, conservancy, wilderness retreats in the woods, tiny home vacation rentals and cleanups across Canada and all around the world. 

We're so, so stoked to have you here.